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Eye Care

Eye Examinations

At Scott Waters, we are passionate about providing accurate and detailed eye exams to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision is as precise as possible.

All eye examinations are carried out by senior optometrists registered with the General Optical Council. For both private and NHS patients, we pride ourselves with providing a thorough examination tailored to an individual’s needs.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of eye care to all our patients, using cutting-edge advanced technology during our examinations. Our eye examinations screen for early signs of eye related conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macula degeneration as well as general health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and certain neurological conditions.

Having regular eye tests is a proactive step in maintaining eye health, ensuring good vision, and potentially identifying broader health concerns.

For more information on our NHS eye exams and private eye exams please call on 01635 31113. You can book using our online booking system, call in store or email us at

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